Lamipress was the leading company of the former network Mechatronics in Bologna - MIB 4.0 now MIB srl (

MIB srl represents a network of entrepreneurs who believe in the future of innovation together with the know-how of their companies in order to offer customers a complete turnkey service, presenting itself as a One-Stop Shop, a single reference point for the customer (OEM-TIER 1 and TIER 2), that can build the whole work process with the requested flexibility:

from Co-engineering to Prototyping and Pre-Series, to the Industrialisation of Complete machines or Parts of Machines.


The focus and longstanding specialisation that underlies the netwosk's potential is the relisation of Complete Systems or Part of Maschines developed into two divisions:


Custom line and automation designCustom line and automation designCustom line and automation design

MAS2-S MIB 4.0

MIB bases its competitiveness on 3 main factors:

  • specialisation
  • integration of the skills
  • problem solving logic for the benefit of customers